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Inflatable Drink Replicas

Have you ever seen a giant bottle replica at an event? We probably made it if you did, and it is because we are one of the best manufacturers when it ...

Canopy Inflatable Frame Tents

Promotional Products

Promotional Design Group has produced promotional products for over 32 years with the best materials and techniques possible. These promotional produc...

Inflatable Case Study

Doritos Interactive Marketing Products

We are constantly working with creative individuals of all sorts and sometimes they bring ideas that are a little out there, but making it happen is o...

Inflatable Case Study

Staples Center: Kobe Inflatable

Custom inflatables display images or ideas that attract people to them because of their size. This specific countered inflatable is a 25′ inflatable w...

Inflatable Case Study

Kelly Towles and "The Capitol" Inflatable

Kelly Towles is an illustrator with great talent who designs characters as a vision of humans and how they deal with issues in the real world. These c...