on March 20, 2017 Inflatable Information

Inflatable Tent Structures

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inflatable-structures-collageInflatable tents are one of our most popular products because of how easy it is to set them up as opposed to a frame tent with many different parts that need connecting and precise alignment. Managing the entire inflatable structure is also very easy because all you have to do is lay it out and inflate it by plugging in the blower system we provide and turning it on. The entire unit is ready to start having air flow through it without hassles or air pressure systems where you have to constantly change the air pressure going through the inflatable. Once it is plugged in it will inflate itself and all that is needed after that is getting all of the ropes supplied with the D-rings tied down to make sure the inflatable is tight and secure. We have seen competitor units fly away or rip since they are not properly secured, so we are adamant about making sure that the inflatable tent is nice and secure. These structures are ideal for large events or galas where it is necessary to have a great presentation. We manufacture some of the craziest tents with beautifully printed graphics and our custom printed inflatable tents are no exception. They can be outfitted with our great print quality to showcase your logo, signage, imaging and slogans. They can also be designed with different color patterns or with specific color coordinated patterns to fit your theme. Most of the inflatable tents we design are usually a custom size but we do have a standard designs for every style of tent, including inflatable tents. One of the many perks of these tents is that they are collapsible and they can be stored in a small space compared to a full frame tent with long metal poles that do not bend, fold, or collapse. A complete unit can be setup with two people monitoring the inflatable structure tent and it can be completely setup in a matter of 20-30 mins but it is all dependent on the size of the structure.

Printing on a large tent like the ones showcased here is not an easy task but we have it down to the tee. Printing is a second nature to us. We not only manufacture these large projects but we also customize them because we make and assemble everything in house. Our facility is located in Los Angeles, California and we ship worldwide. All of the projects that are submitted to us go through our office where a professional team is ready to help you bring one of your ideas to life. With the help of our in-house designers we take a very simple concept and make it grand with beautiful design and proper functionality. Our canvases can range from a small collapsible tent to a large inflatable with many printed patterns and unique designs. We not only print a product and call it custom, rather, we can completely alter the shape of one of our standard designs and we can include your logo or insignia into the final construction of the project. We love being able to take on new challenges and creating never before thought of projects because we have all the capabilities of being able to do this and it is truly challenging to create something innovative but when we see the final results we are astounded at what it is we are able to create. We also sell to resellers like marketing firms that go out and gather all of the promotional products that their clients are going to need and we have very good relationships with many across the country. They are always challenging us and showing us new ideas as far as what a customer wants or is looking for and we work tirelessly until we can perfect a vision and bring it to life.


All of the promotional products we manufacture include admirable warranties that none of our competitors can even imagine to offer. This is due to our 27 years of experience on the market have allowed us to understand what it is that works and what does not so we are not constantly looking to find new ways to work on something and you are never treated as our guinea pig. Rather we have an entire team dedicated to looking at new solutions and manufacturing processes to save us money and time so we are able to pass the savings on to you instead of passing on even more costs. What we have also noticed in the last couple of years is that almost everyone who manufactured any sort of promotional product has moved to countries where wages are lower so their costs are cheaper and their profits are large, but what they have traded off is quality. We pride ourselves in manufacturing American products with great quality that cannot be found in any of our asian counterparts' products. Not to mention the insane shipping charges that a large project would incur and the time it would take to arrive from any asian country. We are able to manufacture our projects in a turnaround time of 7-10 business days and shipping takes at most five days within the country. When the project is larger than usual we will let you know that our turnaround time is going to be longer. We are a highly capable company and sometimes we understand that our partners will need their promotional products sooner than what our turnaround times are and thus we are able to expedite any project. Now doing so will cause there to be a rush fee with which will range depending on the level of expediency required.