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Outdoor Misting Tent System

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Summer is around the corner! Sunny days filled with barbecues, events, and lots of beach days. The only drawback is that you might live in an area where temperatures can reach 120° Fahrenheit or even more. We provide outdoor solutions for those sunny days that just become unbearably hot. You can rent, buy or even plan to customize a misting tent from scratch with us. Our tents are incredibly heavy duty and they can withstand heavy usage year round in just about any weather conditions. Of course, there are safety precautions that we ask you to take so that there are no major issues with the tents flying away or collapsing in high winds and other uncontrollable circumstances. Inflatable misting stations are the most common misting units we manufacture since our customers find them to be very easy to use, although we do offer multiple other types of misting tents.

The grand majority of misting tents are made without any metal frame structures and are ussually just inflatable tent units with a pressurizer added to them. We do manufacture frame tent units and canopy misting tents as well and they are also easy to use, but the inflatable ones are by far the easiest to use.

Why Use a Misting Tent System?

Well, as mentioned before, sometimes you can experience insanely hot days where the earth is scorching your feet and you feel like you can boil an egg on the sidewalk. Maybe you are hosting an event out in the sun but your attendees might get sunburnt and grumpy from exposure to the sun so why not give them a little bit of relief with cool and refreshing mist. Misting tents are great for getting a nice breeze during one of those hot days where the sun makes you drowsy or even gives you a headache. They offer gentle and refreshing water particles that caress your skin as you stand under them. We have many styles available for different needs and uses for you to choose from. The three main styles to choose from are canopies, inflatables, and frame tents. Each of these can be outfitted with the pressure system neccesary for high pressure misting without a hassle. We do recommend configuring the entire system with an inflatable becuase they are very easy to clean and install. On the other hand the frame tent and pop up canopy misting tents might not be as easy to clean and install because they require more attention to detail and more work here and there. The good thing about our canopies and frame tents is that they are made of aluminum (We do have a canopy frame that is made of steel, which is great, but after a lot of use the powder coated paint can chip off and expose the steel beneath it, and when you add water to the mix then it can rust.)  They are basically harmless and anyone suffering from the heat will be relieved to feel a cool mist in some shade. If you are an exhibitor you can take advantage of the fact that your misting canopy is a center of attraction and and add printing to it to showcase your brand to everyone seeking relief from the hot sun. Canopies and tents provide shade and it is ussually 10-15° cooler than standing in direct sunlight, but when you add a gentle mist it is refreshing and comfortable and we know it will definitely be attractive to those looking for a quick escape from exposure to the sun. Anyway, enough about why they are so great. They come in three different styles and in many shapes and sizes within the different styles. 

  1. The Misting Canopy-Misting-Canopy.jpg

    It is a regular canopy and we add a misting system to it. It's that simple. The canopy can then be used normally as a pop up tent while the pressurizer system can be removed and added to the canopy whenever neccesary. It is a combination of two great items in one. As with all of our canopies printing is highly recommended so that you can take your outdoor marketing campaign anywhere you want. 
  2. The Misting Inflatable- Misting-Systems.jpg

    Inflatable Misting stations are great for outdoor events because of how easy they are to install. They can be fully installed in 10-15 mins and the results are always amazing. They can be made into tunnel like tents, square tents and multiple other shapes. They can be printed with branding and graphics on every panel and you can have unlimited printing with unlimited colors. 
  3. The Frame Tent Misting System-Misting Systems-2.jpg

    If a misting system has to be large then you can look into our frame misting systems. The canopy has a maximum size of 10'x20' and the misting inflatables can be large but it might be a big more expensive when it starts getting too large. The frame misting station is perfect for wider spaces because they output far more mist due to the amount of nozzles we have to add to them and because they tend to be larger than smaller systems. 

Misting tents are available in many sizes and styles and we are always happy to help you customize them in any way you want. We are pretty flexible with the majority of the projects we work with and we can even rush projects through our facility for those who need it sooner. We also provide renderings for you to get an idea of how the final product if going to look. If there is any kind of printing on the tent we send the project through our printing department which has rigorous standards to ensure your printed product is what you asked for. Every single one of our misting units comes with a pressurizer and the tubing system to carry water though the misting system. Also, since they are different types of styles they have variable warranties, but they are all the best in their respective style (ask for more info). The misting nozzles that each and every system comes with have a fine tip made our of brass to have the outdoor misters work without sprinkling water onto passerby in large streams but rather with fine mist. You will also not suffer any leak problems because everything is heavy duty and meant to be used and abused. The misting system is also very easy to transport if you get the canopy or inflatable types because they are collapsible. If your option is the frame tent style it will not be as easy to transport because it doesn't fold into a nice package that is as easy to transport as a canopy or inflatable version of the misting system. Finally, if you have any questions please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to help you answer anything.