on July 12, 2017 Inflatable Case Study

Marketing With Coca Cola

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     Coca Cola is known for none other than their world-famous fizzy Cola. They are also known for their famous Christmas themed polar bear commercials where some penguins share a cola with some polar bears. Or maybe you remember the one where the polar bears are skating on ice and one of them slips in a playful manner and santa gives the polar bear a coke as he laughs at him for falling in a silly way. Fun Fact: Did you know that 94% of the population on Earth can see the Coca Cola logo and instantly recognize it and know who they are and what they do by just looking at the logo. That's a lot of people; 6,840,000,000 to give you an idea. How insane is that! So, the question is, how effective is their marketing? Well, very effective. It wasn't just one campaign, it wasn't just one team, it is a collective of many minds working together throughout many years making sure they promote the brand in the best way possible and all of those efforts have really paid off. Working with Coca Cola is very exciting because they have huge ideas and their marketing is spot on all of the time. This entire inflatable misting canopy was printed with our state-of-the-art printing equipment that allows us to generate high quality prints with great detail. They also allow us to print hand in hand with the Pantone Matching System so that we can color match with precision. Large companies like Coca Cola need consistency across their many different promotional products because their image is everything and if their logo looked a different shade of red it would reflect poorly on them. 

Coca Cola Pic-01.jpg
We manufactured an inflatable misting tent with Coca Cola branding on all four sides as well as all of the legs on both the inside and outside of the legs. It was a custom printed 10x10 inflatable misting unit that we have made for them in the past. This is a re-run of something we have done in the past and we are proud to be a part of their marketing efforts. We have manufactured many sorts of inflatables over the years but one of the most popular units is always the inflatable misting tent. In hot summer months with exposure to the hot sun it is really nice to be able to go underneath a misting tent with refreshing mist cooling you and your team. They are also great because they do not waste too much water but they still cool passerby with their gentle mist. We've seen them used at marathons and track meets and all sorts of other outdoor events and they are always a huge attraction. The inflatable misting tents are a great choice for anyone looking to be able to host an event or sponsor an event because they can serve as entrances, exits and beacons for attendees to be able to easily identify them. Every single one of these units is made of a heavy duty vinyl with great tensile strength and they are also printed on with the best printing methods in the industry. We also apply a U.V. inhibitor and scratch resistant coating to protect it from harsh exposure to sunlight or rough handling. The coating prevents the ink from being removed from the surface of the printed media and they also increase the lifespan of the printed goods. This specific unit consist of unique embossed graphics that protrude from the top so the logos and graphics are prominent when anyone looks at it. Finally, the misting tents come with great warranties that no other manufacture can match. We are open to questions and we would love to help you design one. We have an in-house design team that understands every single one of our products and their purposes and they will help you design any one of our promotional products with your branding, artwork and graphics in the most visual and effective way possible.