Custom Inflatable Animals

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Sep 27, 2017 3:56:28 PM

Custom Inflatable Animals are versatile, fun, and effective marketing tools that can increase visibility as well as attract consumers to your business or event. Promotional Design Group has been innovating inflatable design for over 25 years, and our hyper-realistic animal inflatables are undeniable proof of our expertise and commitment to quality. These furry or scaly reproductions seem to attract a crowd wherever they are. The bigger size inflatables are often photo blasted by curious onlookers, which will most likely end up on social media. The more exposure your business or organization gets, the better. It’s all about being seen, right? Well, these realistic inflatable animals might do just that and then some. If you’re looking for an easy to set up inflatable marketing tool that can be fully customized, realistically printed, and shipped within a few weeks, check out our customizeable inflatable animals

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What is the Titanium Package?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Aug 10, 2017 3:47:17 PM


What is the Titanium package? The Titanium Package is one of our most versatile packages because of all of the accessories it comes with. It is a flashy pop up tent package that has the most printing we could possibly add to a 10x10 canopy without it looking cluttered or messy. It is one of the most inclusive packages that has some of the most useful accessories you could add on a pop up canopy. This package, as with all of our packages, offers unlimited printing on all of the sections included. The unlimited printing included in the package does not add an extra cost to the entirety of the package because it is included in the final price. The package is composed of an extremely heavy duty canopy frame, a fully printed tent top, a fully printed(single sided) back wall, two side skirts, a fully printed table cover, and a set of four corner flags. This package also includes a Rhino roller hard case that you can use to transport your canopy frame with ease. The whole thing can be stored into a small amount of space in a matter of minutes and assembly is just as easy. At first it might take you 10+ minutes to completely install the whole package but after your first installation it will only get easier and easier. With this package you have many options at your disposal everywhere you go because you can choose to have some items installed or excluded on the canopy according to the event you might be attending with it. Regardless of where you take the Titanium Package it is definitely outstanding and when you customize it with your own personalized printing it takes personalized branding to a whole new level. 

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What is the Gold Package?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 28, 2017 3:04:35 PM


Ah, the Gold Package. It is literally our best selling package as it accounts for more than 50% of our package sales. The Gold canopy package includes the most popular frame we offer with some of our best selling accessories included in the package as well. We, more than anything, wanted to make a custom tent that would have as much printing as possible without looking cluttered or sloppy and this canopy is just that. You can print on all the panels included, which were strategically chosen to be as effective as possible, with unlimited printing. With eye-catching color and beautiful design this custom canopy looks great and we'd love to help you design one, so much so that we will create free rendering mock ups for you to be satisfied with the design before we actually manufacture it. The canopy also includes a 10% discount for you to take advantage of and if that wasn't enough we'll even throw in a free roller bag for your pop up tent frame. If this frame is not right for you based on your budget we also have cheaper options that are just as good. The canopy packages are definitely a great mobile marketing tool and this one is no exception. 

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What is the Silver Package?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 26, 2017 1:11:17 PM

What are canopy packages in general? Well, our canopy packages are customized pop up canopies that we have built with custom printing and accessories to help you have options based on our most popular orders. Since we offer so many canopy printing combinations and accessories it can be overwhelming to decide what would look good, how it would look good and most of all which print and accessory combinations are most effective. So the canopy packages are meant to help out with simplifying your choices with tried and true design combinations while saving you money.  Money? Yes, money. We include a 10% discount in every single one of our canopy packages (except the Titanium Package because it includes a roller case) this way you dont have to break the bank while still getting an incredible tent. So who or what is the Silver Canopy Package? The Silver Canopy Package is a custom canopy that includes a fully printed tent top, back wall (1 sided printing), and an incredible canopy frame. 

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Promotional Products for Car Dealerships

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 24, 2017 2:56:21 PM

There are 16,708 franchised car dealerships in the country and this doesn't take into account any used car dealerships. With the country having about 50 major cities that's a lot of car dealerships to go around. Yes there are also car dealerships in smaller cities around the country but the ones that sell the most vehicles are the ones in major cities. Many of the larger car dealerships use billboards or t.v. commercials to promote themselves but this is expensive because not everyone watching t.v. needs a car and it's the same with a billboard. Cost wise it's not as effective because

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What is the Bronze Canopy Package?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 21, 2017 12:24:04 PM

Early 2014 we started toying with the idea that maybe we could create pop up canopy packages for our tents. Packages enable you, the end user, to customize a tent while saving 10% off your purchase. It also simplifies our vast array of options and provides you with a tried and true design. We noticed that certain amount of orders in our production queue were fairly similar in layout and design and it got to the point where we started taking note of how people ordered our canopies and we basically took the most popular layouts and applied a 10% discount to them. It makes things easier for everyone this way. The package is our simplest but don't let it fool you with how simple it is because it is an extremely heavy duty tent that is meant to last for a long time. The bronze package is now one of our best selling packages and it has been now for three years. 

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Marketing With Coca Cola

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 12, 2017 4:22:33 PM

     Coca Cola is known for none other than their world-famous fizzy Cola. They are also known for their famous Christmas themed polar bear commercials where some penguins share a cola with some polar bears. Or maybe you remember the one where the polar bears are skating on ice and one of them slips in a playful manner and santa gives the polar bear a coke as he laughs at him for falling in a silly way. Fun Fact: Did you know that 94% of the population on Earth can see the Coca Cola logo and instantly recognize it and know who they are and what they do by just looking at the logo. That's a lot of people; 6,840,000,000 to give you an idea. How insane is that! 

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Promoting Cars 3 with Marketing Products

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 11, 2017 1:35:04 PM

We worked with Disney creating multiple outdoor marketing products for their launch of Cars 3. We created tents, walls for the tents, barrier covers, and flags. All the products were outfitted with Cars 3 graphics and when they put it all together it looked incredible. They held a "Road to the Races" tour where they traveled to 27 cities among the states and they had fun events realted to Cars 3. They had giveaways, wheel of fortune gifts, and arts and crafts for children to play and work with. They also exhibited fulscale replicas of Lighting McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and the new generation racing unit Jackson Storm. Download our case study and find out more about the events and marketing prodcuts they used to promote the new movie! 

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Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 6, 2017 6:57:02 PM

Safety Checkpoints for Anime Expo

Anime Expo is the largest anime convention in the entire U.S. Not only that, but it just so happens to be growing year over year and it is even starting to rival Comic-Con. Last year Comic-Con had 130,000 attendees and this year Anime Expo had 115,000 attendees and the numbers are expected to grow. With so many people attending safety concerns are important to keep in mind because safety is AXs' number one priority.

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Marketing Products for Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 6, 2017 4:11:38 PM

One of the fastest growing markets in the United States is the ever-expanding Marijuana industry. Most people in the U.S. associate it with drugs and negative spaces but in reality it is much more than that. Products like hemp granola, ropes and all sorts of other products can be manufactured out of hemp and if the market expands then there will be even more items to find uses for/create marijuana products out of. According to an article from Forbes the market is supposed to generate more jobs than manufacturing by the year 2020. Many people are calling it the “green-rush” because everyone that can is trying to enter the market in search of possibilities to make money. Of course, in a saturated market it pays off for you to stand out because you no longer look like everyone else, but it has to be done right. There are all sorts of marijuana businesses ranging from marijuana dispensaries to medicine research or smoke shops. Any promotional product that is going to represent your company/business has to be crafted to perfection or else it can backfire and make your brand look bad. We truly believe that. We are dedicated to creating the best promotional products any person has ever seen so we manufacture everything with great care and attention to detail.

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