on January 13, 2021 Information

How Much is an Inflatable Helmet Tunnel?

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The cost of an inflatable helmet tunnel can vary slightly depending on the size and style of the helmet, tunnel, and the amount of printing on the helmet and tunnel.dicks-sporting-goods-tunnel

Helmet styles are fairly straight forward, so cost won’t vary much in that regard. Some style options can be whether the helmet has a visor or not and if the visor is tinted.


Generally tunnels are around 20 feet long, but they can be shorter or longer depending on the customers preference. You also have the choice of getting a tubular or baffled tunnel. Tubular tunnels are less expensive because they are easier to make, require less manufacturing time, and material. Tubular frames would need a cover in order to cover the time while they are running through the tunnel, but this cover can be printed with your team logo and colors.  Baffled tunnels require a lot more manufacturing time and material to produce, but are very sturdy and don’t require a cover like tubular frame tunnels.

Printing cost on helmet and tunnel can vary depending on the amount of printing desired, we don’t charge by the color when it comes to printing. We can print directly on the helmet and tunnel or we could print banners that can be attached to the helmet and tunnel.