on January 13, 2021 Information

Where to buy an Inflatable Tunnel?

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You can buy an inflatable tunnel from us, we’ve been making inflatables for over 30 years.  Compared to some inflatables we have made, tunnels are fairly basic for us. Whether it’s a small 6 foot inflatable dog or a gigantic 80 to 100 foot custom inflatable. Although, we would love the challenge, if you have an idea for a custom inflatable tunnel we’d be more than happy to take a look at it and make it into something real. There are an assortment of tunnels you can choose from if you are not interested in a custom tunnel.  The two most common types are tubular tunnels and baffled tunnels.

Tubular Tunnels

Tubular tunnels are easier to make than baffled tunnels.  They require much less material and time to manufacture compared to baffled tunnels.  Tubular tunnels also usually come with a cover that can be printed with your custom graphics.

Baffled Tunnels

Baffled tunnels have more of a ribbed design compared to tubular ones.  They also do not require a cover because they are naturally enclosed.  They require a lot more material and manufacturing time, so they tend to be heavier and more expensive compared to tubular tunnels.

Whichever type of tunnel you are interested in; custom, tubular, baffled, you can be sure that we can work with you on the design to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.