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Drive Thru Experience Events w/ Inflatables

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Create a Memorable Drive-Thru Experiencesafari-inflatable-animals-05

Current health regulations have made it difficult for people to go out and have some fun, but Drive-thru experiences are changing that. With health restrictions still in place for events, parties and other social gatherings there has been an upsurge in creativity to develop new events while still adhering to state mandated guidelines. People are itching to go out and experience events again and an interactive drive-thru experience is one of the safer and preferred solutions.

What is a Drive-thru experience?

A Drive-thru experience is a themed interactive event where people can literally drive through a decorated area providing photo and video opportunities. Some areas utilize augmented reality technologies for a more immersive experience. With these fun and interactive Drive-thru events, the traffic comes to you. Beneficial for both producers and consumers, these drive-thru experiences help struggling establishments make up some of their lost revenue while providing a much-needed service for people yearning for something to do outside their homes. The right combination of boredom and desperation make it easier for people to go out and look for something to do, so why not have them go to your drive-thru event?
Drive-thru events can easily break the monotonous boredom we experience due safety restrictions  and make the people come to you! If you’re looking to get some increased traffic to your business or establishment, then setting up a fun event is a must. Current health conditions have created certain hurdles for humanity and as a result, we’ve innovated alternative methods of entertainment that are safe and family oriented. Drive-thru events are making all of this possible. These literal drive through experiences are created so that people can enjoy a unique event without sacrificing their safety. With some events, people don’t get out of their car at all, but in others, people are encouraged to step out of their cars and interact with the fun inflatable props.

Currently there are safari themed scavenger hunt events being hosted by select cities in Southern California that are placing inflatable safari animals throughout the community. Lions, giraffes, and rhinos were commonplace in the city of Monrovia and Glendora, among other cities. They challenge the community to go out and find all of the animals. It's so popular in fact that people from neighboring cities show up to the events to experience the drive-thru themselves.  in which anyone can drive up to a location and get up close to large, life-like inflatable safari animals.

Drive-thru events for Halloween?

The success of these events has led the way to a whole new way of creating interactive events that anyone can enjoy. The best thing about it is that the possibilities are endless and you can create a theme around just about anything. For example, October is here and with it comes Halloween. It feels as if the entire month is reserved specifically for Halloween and we are already working alongside with cities, churches and event planners on a multitude of events. For these events we will be using our incredibly large inflatables such as the Jack O' Lantern, Skeleton, Ghost, Frankenstein and our giant inflatable witches. This Halloween will be different from previous trick or treat nights and we are aiming to create an unforgettable experience for those who attend a drive-thru events.

Drive-thru events for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always right behind Halloween and as soon as Halloween is over everything shifts. New decorations are set up and events centered around Thanksgiving are planned. Of course, we are prepared for the holiday season and have plenty of thanksgiving themed inflatables but without a doubt the inflatable turkey is the star of the show. Drive thru experiences will be full of turkeys and pumpkins and we are excited to see how everyone plans to carry out their events.

Drive-thru events for Christmas

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year and what a better way to spend it than with family doing something fun. Our Drive Through Christmas Inflatables Experience is a great choice for families looking to have some fun while protecting themselves from becoming exposed to any health risks. Here at PDG, we like to end the year with a bang as the biggest holiday of all overtakes the nation with its decorations, events and family visits. It's such a popular holiday that we are receiving constant requests for christmas related drive-thru experiences. As always, we are prepared for Christmas with our huge array of holiday inflatables, including a beautiful realistic inflatable Santa Claus, huge christmas tree, wreaths, gift boxes and more! Our Christmas inflatable props come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s something for every occasion.

Our Christmas inflatable props can help transform a snowy landscape into a beautiful icy spectacle. With the right decorations and surrounding environment, these outdoor events can be made to look like a stunning winter wonderland. Getting the right tools for the job can be tricky, but with our inflatable props, it should be easy to set something up that people are going to love. Another good thing about our inflatable props is that they are weatherproof. So rain, sleet, or snow is no match for our all-weather inflatable props.  

Drive Through Inflatable Dinosaur Experience

Dinosaurs are one of our absolutely most popular inflatables. We have a multitude of them for you to choose from in a variety of sizes. The most requested dino inflatable is the T-Rex because of how iconic it is. Our entire inventory hosts more than 30+ dinosaurs ranging from the brontosaurus, pteranodon, triceratops and our stegosaurus. These are all available for either rent or purchase and can be customized with logos upon request. Creating a dinosaur themed drive through experience is easier than ever. 

Rent Drive-Thru Event Inflatablesholiday-inflatables

We do not host these large events, we are an inflatable manufacturer and have a large inventory for rentals. As a matter of fact it is one of the largest inflatable inventories in the country! With over 1,000+ inflatables in stock we are sure that you will find what you are looking for. If we do not currently have an inflatable in stock we will manufacture one but it might take us about 2 weeks, depending on size. To ensure a rental will be available, plan your event and reserve your inflatable rental ahead of time so that we can accommodate your request. These events are very popular throughout the country and demand is high. Feel free to reach out with questions, we are here to help!