on October 31, 2016 Information Event Signage

Vinyl Banners

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banners-headerBanners are probably the easiest promotional product to transport, install and store. They are also very effective at conveying a message through custom signage because they can be exposed to the sun and other elements without having to worry about it ripping, tearing, snapping, and/or breaking. We also apply a protective layer of U.V. coating to ensure your print won’t be scratched, faded, or damaged by any kind of weather. We always provide two options for the coating we apply to all of our prints on vinyl. These two different coatings are a glossy finish or a matte finish. We personally love the matte because it doesn’t reflect too much of any light that is cast upon it which makes the prints easier to read, but the colors are a little muted and not as vibrant as gloss. All of the banners we manufacture can be just about any size you would require it to be. We also add grommets(the little metal rings attached to corners) on all of the banners to make sure they are securely tied down and to avoid having them fly away or easily being ripped from wherever you attach them.


There are many small shops that manufacture banners because it is an easy job, but the quality of the materials, inks, and coating do not compare to anything we make because we use the same material we use for our tents which is a high grade vinyl. The ink we use is also a piercing agent that penetrates itself into the material so it is not scratching, falling off, or cracking because it bonds itself in the material. Finally, the coating we apply to every print is an industrial coating that protects the material and the print from U.V. rays which usually causes prints to fade and age quicker, decreasing outdoor life. Many of our printed vinyl banners are also fitted with air slits that allow air to pass through the banner without having the banner tear the rope with which it is tied down. Air slits are somewhat of a standard because a banner can be really large and there is always wind to which most banners are exposed.


When we produce a large-scale banner we have to join several pieces together like a giant puzzle. We use state-of-the-art welding on these large projects because it is more efficient than stitching all of the material together. This material can be a bit heavy and if we were to stitch the entire banner together it would cause the weight of the banner to rip the threading that would stitch the material together. Instead with high frequency welding we can go ahead and have the material bond with other parts of the “puzzle” forming a large piece of vinyl. When we produce a large piece of work like this we need large format artwork so that we can print it in optimum conditions. We can help verify your artwork is in perfect conditions before we print it to ensure it looks as good as possible. A lot of these banners are also attached to tents or inflatable structures. For example you can add it to an inflatable tent, arch, or replica. We love making great banners that last a very long time and we are so confident in what we make that we know they will last long so we have a great 1-year warranty on all of them.