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Standard Frame Tents and High Peak Tents: What's the difference?

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What are Frame Tents

Before we can discuss the difference between a high peak tent and a standard frame tent, we want to address what a frame tent is. It is a type of tent that requires assembly since it is made up of multiple poles and connectors, along with a tent top. This tent style is often called a pole tent. These tents can range in size from a small 10x10 tent to just about any size imaginable. Technically, they can be as long as 1000 feet or even longer! The tent poles are manufactured from a 2 inch aluminum pole. The frames come with a standard set of eight legs and multiple other poles and connectors to assemble the tent.  Every frame is accompanied by a heavy duty tent top. The tent tops we manufacture are made of extremely durable vinyl that is meant to last for many years of exposure to the sun and the elements without immediate wear and tear. The frame structure on these tents comes with a lifetime warranty and the tent tops come with a 3 year warranty. 

What is the difference between a Frame Tent and Hi Peak Tent?standard-frame-vs-high-peak-tent

Standard Frame TentA frame tent is usually comprised of a tubular structure, (usually about 2” in diameter) and typically made of aluminum and in some cases galvanized tubing and are joined by way of metal or aluminum connectors.  The frame tent tubing is made up of legs, spreaders, rafters and hip rafters. The top of the frame usually has a slope of about 30 degrees on all four sides. There is also a gable style frame tent that has two flat and two sloped sides but is not that commonly used. The Tent top is normally made of a laminated vinyl and always has U.V inhibitors and a fire retardant.  The tent top valance is normally 12” to 15” tall and extends the length of each side of the tent from end to end.  The most popular sizes are the 10x10 frame tent and the 20x20 frame tent. Not far behind are the 15x15 and the 20x40.  The tent top is fastened by way of a series of buckles that extend around the perimeter of the top.  

High Peak TentsA High Peak Tent, depending on the width, is usually comprised of an aluminum tubular structure (usually 2” to 3” in diameter).  Most commonly the 2” or 3” tubing is used on the legs and spreaders (horizontal perimeter) on all four sides. On widths that are beyond 20’, double tube (2” by 4”) is used for additional support on all legs and spreaders as well as rafters and hip rafters. Depending on the size or width of the High Peak Tent in most cases come with two ¼ diameter cables that are crossed together and intersect each other in the middle and are connected to four specially designed corner fittings. The cables support a (2” or 3”) diameter mast pole which is first connected to the apex of the tent top (which has a special metal crown ring) then the bottom of the mast pole which has a roller is slid into the center section of the intersected cables and fastened with a locking pin. The mast pole which is locked into a vertical position not only supports the top but by way of a telescoping pole is able to be adjusted to create the desired tension. The High Peak tent, just as its counterpart, is also made of a laminated vinyl and comes with U.V inhibitors and a fire retardant. Typically the height of the Hi Peak Tent is controlled by the length of the mast pole. All four valances are slightly curved and are tightly wound by way of a ¼ inch rope that is welded around the bottom edge of each valance and joined by 1” round d-rings at each corner that are then tightened by way of a ratchet at each corner or side. The ratchets, once all are tightened, provide the needed tension and firmness that the tent top needs. A hi-peak tent is taller in height and they’re more visible from afar than its counterpart. They’re very popular not only because of the height but because of its smooth and graceful curves that emit a touch of elegance. For more information on making a decision on which tent type to purchase please  give one of our team members a call at (626) 579-1772 or just fill out the information on the right side and we’ll get a salesperson get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting our Promotional Design Group website.