on August 08, 2016 Information Tent Accessories

Custom Printed Table Throws

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Custom printed table covers are a great tool to expose your brand to others in an event and since they are so easy to use you can take it anywhere and finish setting it up in a matter of minutes. You can have any printed pattern or picture or a combination of both on any of these table covers. We offer standard sizes but customization is an easy process too. Our standard sizes range from 6’, 8’, to 10’ table sizes and they pair perfectly with any one of our other products. Every table cover can be printed in vinyl or polyester and they will look a little different but they will have different purposes.

Curbside_10'x10'_W- Table cover-0047.jpgSetting up table throws is super easy because it only a matter of placing it on top of the table and adjusting the corners until it is snug on the table. Applying the table throw takes seconds because it is a matter of wrapping the vinyl cover on the table until it is snug and it will not fly away, nor do you have to strap or tie anything to anything. Maintaining a table cover is super easy and it takes no more than two to three minutes to clean. It is as simple as getting a wet towel/rag and wiping the surface of the table. We’ve gone ahead and created a video showing how easy it is to clean a table throw. If you spill a drink or get dirt on it you can get it clean in a matter of minutes and it won't take too much effort.

Taking the table cover with you is also super easy because this means that you can take your branding with you (as long as you bring the table). It fits in a backpack and it weighs no more than 5lbs and all you have to bring is the table which you probably already take with you to your events. The one other thing you might need to know about it is how to fold it, but it is so simple that it takes no more than two minutes. We made this video to show you how to do so.