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All-Weather Tents

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Tents For All Weather Conditions

Will a heavy duty tent really make a difference in harsh weather conditions? Yes! We're not just saying so, we know so. At Promotional Design Group we have focused on creating heavy duty tents since the 90's. We have been based out of Los Angeles for the last 35+ years and we experience all forms of weather. Since we deal with a lot of clients throughout the state we are faced with many different needs from all of our clients. For example, we know that there are event driven cities, agricultural counties and a multitude of resorts throughout the state. All of these places conduct outdoor activities on a regular basis and it is inevitable that they will use tents. In and around the Los Angeles County alone we have snow, beaches, symposiums, gardens, wineries, farms, theaters, concerts and other outdoor events that are wildly popular and attract a lot of people. Our heavy duty tents are perfect for all of these possible weather conditions because we have created a universal tent standard that is suitable for nearly all weather conditions.




During the rainy season in california we see different patterns in Northern and Southern California. Southern California is not faced with heavy rain conditions the way northern california experiences rain. In northern California you can see up to 80-100 inches of rain per year while Southern California sees an average of 5-10 inches of rain per year. Of course, the desert regions in the state practically never see rain.

So what about tents and rain? Well, we have devised a way to create a completely sealed tent top that is 100% waterproof with a non permeable vinyl. This tent vinyl is very, very thick and as a type of plastic is hydrophobic in nature. The tops have no seams and cannot possibly leak water. Even during light hail conditions we are confident in our tent's overall structural integrity. Of course, if you are experiencing a typhoon, tornado or hurricane we highly recommend you uninstall the tent before if possible to prevent any possible accidents.


Our tents have also been used in snowy conditions without any problems. Again, since the tent top is mainly a type of plastic the snow slips right off and since the tent top is very tight there is little to no room for pockets of snow to pack itself. Again, for safety purposes, we recommend that tents be uninstalled during extreme conditions like a blizzard or hurricane.


So what about hot days? Will a tent make a difference there? Yes! Cheap tent tops tend to rip since the material cannot withstand prolonged exposure to the sun. Out heavy duty tent tops are meant for both outdoor and indoor use and they can be installed outdoors for years at a time. The tent tops have a proprietary U.V. coating that prevents them from fading and being compromised by constant exposure to the sun.

Tent Frames

So, what about a tent frame? We've mentioned so much about the tent tops but not much about our tent frames. Well, our tent frames are made of galvanized aluminum. These tent frames are very lightweight and provide great durability for almost any weather conditions. The galvanization process coats the aluminum and further protects it from the elements. This means you can install a tent seaside and not have rust issues. Same with the snow, as it begins to melt the humidity can cause oxidation on steel tent frames which is why we use aluminum. Best of all, the structural rigidity of our frames is very well designed to prevent the structural integrity of the tent from being compromised.

Cold Weather Tents

Our tents use a universal heavy duty vinyl material that is resistant to Extremely cold situations. It is also very capable in hot situations since it is made to be as waterproof as possible. This also includes the tent frame which is a heavy duty galvanized aluminum which can withstand almost any weather condition.