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Why Corporate Branded Tents Work Best For Outdoor Dining

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Many restaurants are struggling to stay in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And although some restaurants are staying afloat through their take-out orders, it’s not enough to ensure their long term success. As some government restrictions on restaurant dining loosen up, some restaurants are opting for outdoor dine-in options to supplement their income. With more and more restaurants starting to offer outdoor dining services, large commercial grade tents are growing in demand. Here are six reasons why custom branded tents work best for outdoor dining:

  1. corporate-branded-outdoor-dining-tent-ihop
    You can see how bright and colorful the attention grabbing IHOP branded tent is in the image above. 

corporate-branded-outdoor-canopyHappy people dining underneath a branded outdoor dining tent on a nice sunny, California day. 

  1. Custom printed tents look more professional and increase customer confidence
    Image is important, which is why having a professional custom branded tent is far superior than using a plain white one. Some businesses even go as far to rent out old, worn down tents just to save some money in the interim. If your establishment looks like it’s not doing well, customers may choose to take their business elsewhere. The potential risk of losing business is not worth going cheap on tents, especially when people are dining underneath them. A printed tent will boost consumer confidence in your brand, which will in turn lead to increased revenue. A good quality rented tent can also help sustain your business for the interim. Avoid losing business with low quality tents and invest in a commercial grade branded tent that’s going to last you many years. 

  2. outdoor-dining-rental-tent-restaurant
    Las Originales Mexican Bar & Grill with a rented outdoor dining tent. 

  3. Branded tents are new
    During times like these, customers are looking for clean and open outdoor dining experiences. If you’re considering renting tents, make sure it’s from a professional and reputable company that thoroughly cleans their tents after each use. The COVID-19 pandemic has instilled an extra layer of paranoia among the population, and as such, people expect additional space and unparalleled cleanliness from their favorite dining destinations. For this reason, it is best to invest in a new, corporate branded tent that is large enough to accommodate your guests. A new and clean tent is sure to make your guests’ dining experience much more palatable. Don‘t get fooled by inferior quality tents. Many restaurant owners are turning to purchasing tents that are relatively inexpensive and unfortunately are not durable or strong enough to sustain high wind conditions.  Most inexpensive tents don’t have fire resistant certification that is compliant with city, county or state laws. For the County of Los Angeles or anywhere in the state of California you need to have either a California State Fire Marshall or National Fire Protection Association certification and most of the inexpensive tents do not come with those certifications. Seriously think twice before wasting your money to later find out that the City or County will be asking you to remove the tent since it does not meet their requirements.  With Promotional Design Group you’re dealing directly with the U.S. manufacturer and all of our tents are compliant with California fire resistance standards.

  4. outdoor-dining-canopies-happy-people-eating
    Using artificial turf creates a more comfortable picnic-like setting, as you can see in the image above. 
  6. Branded restaurant tents create a more welcoming and festive ambiance
    Let’s face it, plain white tents are okay. Go for a colorful restaurant tent and see your business grow. Not only will the bright colors of the tent attract the attention of anyone passing by, but it will also legitimize you as an establishment. People are in their homes, seeing and doing the same things everyday. As a business, let’s entice them. Let’s lure them in the way a deep sea anglerfish would lure in its prey. A tent is a good start, but also consider getting table covers or flags to attract extra attention. We also manufacture large inflatable tents that could really get you some attention. Think outside the box and you might just be able to save your business. 

  7. outdoor-dining-canopies-festive-restaurants
    The bright yellow and red colors make this outdoor dining tent more fun and inviting.
  9. Branded tents can be customized to meet your needs
    Renting commercial grade tents is a good temporary option, but if you're looking for something more custom, a branded tent might be the best option. If you’re in need of a large tent that will accommodate many people while still providing them with ample space for social distancing, a custom tent might be in order. Maximize your space to maximize your revenue. Don’t limit yourself, if you have an opportunity and are allowed to use as much space for outdoor dining, take advantage of that benefit, especially if your restaurant has a steady stream of customers. Take advantage of your parking lot space if your property manager and city or county allows you to do so and place the largest tent you possibly can so that you don’t lose any revenue opportunities. Due to the minimum 6’ social distancing regulations, most restaurants will only be able to use approximately 30 to 50% of their indoor seating capacity. Because of this limitation, using outdoor dining tents makes a lot of sense, since this allows you to make up the additional space you’re losing inside by utilizing the outdoor space allowed by the State of California. This is a huge benefit for all restaurants that are limited in patio dining or don’t have any at all. Custom tents can be manufactured to any size you want. Having logos and graphics throughout the tent provides that professional corporate image and gives you a distinctive edge over the competition.  Small plain pop ups or carport tents will bring you limited revenue, and that’s certainly not the image a corporation wants to display. Do not settle and limit yourself to failure. A restaurant, especially of the caliber of a corporation or conglomerate needs to uphold its image. Big chains have too much to lose both in public appearance and in revenue if they choose to stay with small and simple tents or no tents at all. 

  10. outdoor-dining-canopy-for-rental-covid
  11. Utilize your parking lot space with a large outdoor dining tent and turn that empty lot into a roomy outdoor patio area. 
  13. Custom printed tents let customers know that you’re still open for business
    If you’re looking to increase business during a time where many people are choosing to stay home, then getting a custom branded tent that reads “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” might be a good idea. Other phrases such as, “Patio Dining” or “Outdoor Dining” will also work in letting potential customers know that you’re still open during the pandemic. Getting these messages printed throughout the tent top and walls will let everyone know you can dine-in, albeit outside. This crucial information alone will bring in 4 to 5 times more traffic in comparison to a plain or striped tent with no information whatsoever. You can get creative with the design, or leave it up to us. Our talented team of designers can help make your tent really stand out.

  14. branded-outdoor-dining-canopy-ihop
  15. This outdoor dining tent for IHOP features printed rail skirts all around with an option to change out the walls. 
  17. PDG Branded tents can be professionally installed
    Don’t become a victim of a bad tent installation. Since restaurants have been limited to outdoor dining, some owners have taken matters into their own hands and have purchased tents that are not adequate or strong enough to sustain high wind conditions. Most inexpensive tents come with legs and poles that are just 1” in diameter and are not strong enough to sustain even 20 mile per hour wind loads. In our 35+ years in business, we’ve seen some tent installations that were not anchored properly. This can become a dangerous situation if the person that’s doing the installation does not know how to anchor a tent properly and unfortunately the unstable tent can cause property damage, bodily injury and in some cases even death. Precautionary measures should always be considered when doing a tent installation.  Leave it up to PDG to perform your tent installation and takedown, you’ll certainly sleep much better at night. Trust us, you don’t want to be held accountable for property getting damaged or people getting injured. 

    Striped tents are also useful in attracting attention. 

Our tents are heavy duty and commercial grade, so they’re designed to last. We offer 2” diameter aluminum tubing and schedule 40 zinc plated steel connectors. We also offer an extra heavy duty aluminum double tube for larger-scale tents. All metal components come with a lifetime warranty and are resistant to rust. Our tent top material is made of 15 ounce laminated vinyl and has U.V. inhibitors so it won’t fade or crack. Our tent material is 100% waterproof and also comes with a fire retardant coating that meets both NFPA and CSFM requirements. Our tent materials come with a 5-year warranty, and all printing comes with a 3-year warranty.  Promotional Design Group has the longest warranty offered for any printed tent in the United States. During a time like this, it makes perfect sense to get a branded tent from PDG.