on June 24, 2016 Canopy Inflatable Frame Tents

Promotional Products

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Promotional Design Group has produced promotional products for over 32 years with the best materials and techniques possible. These promotional product are great for marketing both indoors and outdoors while helping you developing brand awareness because you take your brand with you. We print on every one of our products with the best possible digital printing available that allows you to use and abuse them without having to worry about damage to any one of them because they are all heavy duty products. These products range from promotional canopies, tents, and inflatables as well as a great deal of other marketing products. Promoting a product, idea, or a company brand identity is not an easy process and we strongly believe that any custom promotional product can be a great aid in marketing campaigns.


The most popular promotional products that we offer are promotional canopies with customized printing on all panels. These are a great way to take a brand somewhere because they are highly mobile collapsible frames with tents tops that are easy to install. These canopies provide a great escape from the sun and your brand exposure will look elegant as opposed to the cheap canopies that other manufacturers provide charge insane amounts for. These pop up canopies are very different than those available at local retail stores because they are built with the highest quality grade materials ranging from aircraft aluminum to perfectly foldable vinyl. The ones available at a retail store have a cheap steel build that either cracks and breaks or rust because of a cheap powder coat that scratches off easily on the frames and the tops are usually made with cheap polyesters that can rip in a matter of days. We are distinct from those because we once offered something similar and when a client comes to us with a problem we felt ashamed to have offered it and we went a different direction. We started to manufacture our own frames and fixed problems like cracking or breaking in the process while making the product more intuitive and beautiful in design. All in all a promotional canopy is the way to go if you are looking for quick and elegant brand exposure.

10x10 Pop up_Adfin.jpg

One of our other products is a promotional tent which can be any size you are looking for in a standard frame or high peak tent. These tents can be massive and you could host an array of events in them which is why we also call them “event tents”. The massiveness of these tents can be rather big and we go a step further than most tent providers and customize it for you to be able to brand it or tailor it even more for your event. Getting one of these large tents set up can take a little more time than a pop up tent but the results are very different. They allow you to host an entirely different experience for you, your team and others, while a pop up canopy tent is more of a booth that your team can take anywhere and represent you. We have attended an array of different events and seen our products being the center of attention many times because people can’t believe to what degree of accuracy our products are made. Printing is an art in itself and putting a large tent with a print on it together is another and we take great pride in everything we build because every product is unique to us. These large tents add a different dimension to your event because they can let you host a large event while enveloping attendees in a theme.

Marvel Tent 2.jpg

Promotional products are not limited to tents and canopies because we also make custom inflatables with unique printing and shapes. Every custom inflatable ranges from props, large inflatable replicas, and even inflatables for decoration, but they are not limited to that because you can come to us with an idea and we will take the time to work on it because every new project is a challenge and we love to test our skills. We have a group of talented designers and engineers who develop and test every inflatable design with state-of-the art software and then they make prototypes for us to print and manufacture. Building these inflatables takes a high degree of skill and it is very time consuming but when you see the final product you will be amazed at how detailed they can be.