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Food Marketing Products

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The Food Service Industry is one of the largest sectors in any economy. Food products/commodities are at the very core of our everyday life. Of course, these products don't just magically appear on our tables, in our shelves or in restaurants on their own. We go out daily, weekly or even bi-weekly and purchase food products to sustain ourselves. In the food sector there are many subsectors and niche markets that coexist with each other. There are hole in the wall restaurants, chain-restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, candy stores, organic food stores, farmer's markets, specialty shops and a great deal of other shops. These businesses all coexist with one another while at the same time competing for your business.

All of these businesses also have another thing in common. Marketing! Of course, the larger businesses have more money for marketing but the figures for the whole sector are astronomical. Food consumed in the entire U.S. in 2014 cost 1.4 trillion dollars. That is about 40% of the national budget for the same year (roughly speaking.) In 2014 Marketing took home about 700 billion to generate that figure and this included magazines, radio, t.v. adverts and other forms of marketing. Of course, these are rough numbers as the figures only represent reported business which means the figures could easily be much higher. 

Promotional Food Itemsfood-marketing

Here at Promotional Design Group we specialize in creating a wide variety of custom promotional products. Our main specialties fall under three categories. We create pop up tents, frame tents and custom inflatables. While we have three main categories we also manufacture other promotional items such as flags and table covers for booths/concessions stands. We have one of the most talented design teams of any promotional products companies. Our team works on all sorts or projects and has many years of experience designing. We started with clay modeling and scaling projects with very large rulers and projectors when the necessary tech to work on a large project was not available. Today we have a complete state-of-the-art work environment that has automated a lot of the work for us. This has allowed us to work on a plentitude of projects while at the same time we have increased our design precision. We take great pride in our work and find that to this day we pay special attention to detail as if it was day 1.

Inflatable Food Replicasfood-replicas

Amongst our most popular items, we often receive request for custom inflatable replicas. Inflatable food replicas are large scale replicas of real world items such as apples, cans or even bowls of food. You can request almost any item you wish to see manufactured as a replica and we will produce it with nice detail and accuracy. How big can the inflatable be? We can manufacture any size you want. We can create small inflatables at 4' and go all the way up to almost whatever size you want. On the large end, we have manufactured 60' tall inflatables but if necessary they could be larger. 

Where Can Inflatable Food Products Be Used?inflatable-drinks

Some of the more popular uses for promotional products are special events with large crowds such as Fairs and Festivals, Food Events/Exhibitions, and even food competitions. Of course, there are far more large scale events than the ones mentioned. What these items do best is promote and decorate. They are marketing pieces that compliment your booth/space while at the same time, they also serve a purpose. The food tents are great for concessions stands that require mobility. On the other hand, inflatable replicas are great decoration pieces that attract attention and can also serve as props for photo ops.  

Use promotional items at the following events:

Fairs and Festivals

- Food Events

- Cookouts/Competitions

- Parties

- Tradeshows/Exhibitions

Food Tents/Concessions Standsconcessions-tents

We can manufacture any pop up tent within 7-10 business days. Large orders might take a little longer but we can also manufacture them fairly quick. Of course, if you happen to need any product faster than our standard turnaround times we can probably do it but there will be a rush fee involved. Custom tents are perfect for many events because they offer great mobility and are a great place to showcase your products from. They are also versatile because they can serve as a concessions stand, a booth, a doorway/entryway, shelter or even as a security tent. Installing a tent can be done in as quick as 10 minutes or less and they are easy to transport because it packs nicely into a relatively small bundle. Customizing your canopy is easy for us, just let us know how you would like to customize it and we will work on it. You can add walls, flags, and table covers to go with your tent. The pop up canopy is available in three different sizes for you to choose from. Find the right fit in our 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20 tents. Another important feature about canopies is that they feature a set of mesh walls that wrap around the each side of the tent to stay up to code with California food vendor laws. The mesh walls feature windows for you to transact with your customers and you can order your tent with one large window or with multiple windows throughout the tent.