on November 21, 2015 Canopy Case Study

Dew Tour L.A.

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Dew tour is just a fun event all around, where talent doesn’t go unrecognized. Everyone there has something to bring to the event to make it better and Acton was no exception. They had an awesome pop up canopy setup with a lot of custom branding and promotional products to aid their outdoor marketing campaign. They showed up to the event with some skates from the future and they had everyone wanting to try them out and see how they worked. We worked with them hand in hand to make sure the canopy was what they were looking for. They chose to to go with a customized bronze canopy package that comes with a fully printed tent top and a heavy duty pop up frame. The tent top was printed with their logo as the centerpiece and subtle hints of their styling as the background. In the end the entire tent top looked great and it definitely had more of a presence than the other canopies there because it was a nice bright red that you could see from across the street. It looked elegant with the material being nice and tight and the print was beautiful and bright.

Every one of our custom printed pop up tents is always coated with a U.V. resistant coating so that the rent has a long outdoor life. This also ensures the canopy top will not fade or that the print will get damaged as easily. The other tents fade and crack or the paint chips off the and their warranties don't last long or are not upheld. We guarantee great quality with all of our products and they all have the best warranty in the whole industry. Image is everything and as a company or organization you want to make sure your any marketing material that is going to represent you will look its best. We truly believe in making the best pop up canopy there can be and we have outfitted our tents with the best materials, manufacturing processes and warranties there can be to make sure that our final results are nothing short of the best. The tents can be exposed to the sun all day long or rain because they are U.V. coated which protects them from the sun and since there are no seams on the canopies they are 100% water-proof. They also have a high tensile strength and the tent frame is made to withstand the elements as best as possible. The skates, Rocketskates, looked super fun and it was definitely something new to everyone at the event. We are happy to have worked with them on this bronze canopy package and we know that their outdoor marketing will be have great success anywhere they go.