on May 30, 2017 Frame Tents Case Study

Vault Seed Bank: Case Study

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HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is one of the largest marijuana trade shows in the world. It is the host to many exhibitors showing off their products and presenting them to the market for the first time. Since the marijauan industry has been legalized in multiple states it has since grown and it just seems to be growing more and more.This is one of the reasons HIGH TIMES is so succesful with their events. The HIGH TIMES events are an opportunity for exhibitors to also compete in the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup to prove who is providing the best products in the entire market. We believe that the event, along with others, will grow and therefore have more exhibitors in the future and having proper branding will make a huge difference for them. 


 This year we were happy to have one of our clients attend the show with one of the most stylish tents we have manufactured. The tent improved not only the way they interacted with customers but they also stood out in the event because of a custom feature on the tent. We made the the tent taller than the usual tent size. Now it was only two feet taller, but it made a huge difference because all the tents are not as tall and this made their printed tent look grand as opposed to all the other short tents with plain tops. We talked to our customer to see of they noticed a difference and they did. They loved it. Check out the case study to see how they liked it and how it made a difference.