on July 11, 2017 Canopy Case Study Event Signage Tent Accessories

Promoting Cars 3 with Marketing Products

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We worked with Disney creating multiple outdoor marketing products for their launch of Cars 3. We created tents, walls for the tents, barrier covers, and flags. All the products were outfitted with Cars 3 graphics and when they put it all together it looked incredible. They held a "Road to the Races" tour where they traveled to 27 cities among the states and they had fun events realted to Cars 3. They had giveaways, wheel of fortune gifts, and arts and crafts for children to play and work with. They also exhibited fulscale replicas of Lighting McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and the new generation racing unit Jackson Storm. Download our case study and find out more about the events and marketing prodcuts they used to promote the new movie! 


 This is another major project we have worked on for Disney and it is definitely not the last. They loved everything and the tour they took across the country was aided by our marketing products beautifully. We provide high quality promotional products that are safe and efficient but easy to use at the same time. So much so, that Disney has now used many of our tents for many of their events and installations. Our first project was a tent setup of our best canopies installed by the entrance as a checkpoint for their entrance security. The canopies are anchored to the ground with a set of ballast holding them down. The vinyl tent tops we made extremely heavy duty and they are meant to withstand almost any weather conditions. The tents have been set up for more than three months now and they have never been taken down. They have gone through heavy rain, hot days and windy weeks and they still look as good as the first day they were installed (except for minor soiling from outdoor exposure.) Even though the canopies have gone through soiling they can easily be cleaned with a wet towelette. Water is more than enough and we discourage anyone from using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to clean the tents because grime and stains usually rub right off with water and the tent tops' lifespan will last longer if you clean it with just a wet rag.