on May 26, 2017 Canopy How To Guide

How the canopy bag makes transporting a tent easier!

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The canopy roller bag is an excellent tool for transporting your custom canopy. They are made with high quality Cordura polyester and they are extremely heavy duty. The canopy bag has wheels with a custom made wheel base that we have designed to ensure the bag is sturdy enough when your using it. The custom wheel base is wide enough so that you can go ahead and maneuver the entire bag easily whereas some of the ones we tested would tilt and fall over if you turn too fast. They would also teeter and wobble as opposed to staying grounded and rolling smoothly. In the roller bags you can place a frame for your pop up canopy and easily transport it through dirt, sand, or pavement. The wheels are also really easy to clean so if you're headed to an indoor event you can just place some water on them and wipe any dirt right off. The wheels on the cheap bags we tested were so small that if a tiny rock were to get caught in them they would get jammed and we noticed it happened constantly. Another great feature about the canopy roller bag is that it features strategically placed handles to be able to manage the frame within it a whole lot easier.

Why we make tent bags.

The 10x10 canopy bag is the most common tent bags since the 10x10 canopies are the most popular products we sell. We have also gone ahead and created individual bags to fit your frame according to the size you purchase (10x10, 10x15, and 10x20) so they will be fitted as opposed to loose and difficult to handle. We also decided to go ahead and create the bag because we figured that the cheap ones that we used to offer are just not good at all and even though it was free people didn't like it, therefore we figured it was just a bad product. Once we took matters into our own hands we noticed positive feedback regarding the bags and we also had constructive criticism that helped us further enhance the canopy tent bag experience. A bag, even a horrible one, is a good option because it is better than having to carry a canopy with your bare hands. The frames aren't heavy, but carrying them can be awkward and having to transport them for long distances is just not fun, which is why we have come to realize that they are absolutely crucial to anyone with a canopy. Some tent frames are made from steel while others are made of aluminum and although we know they aren't heavy we do realize they are just easier to transport in a roller bag. Their heavy duty construction is also great because we can have them take on rough handling without a problem. They can house the frame without you having to worry about it being exposed to the elements or potential damage. While on a separate bag we provide, we place your tent top and other small accessories in that bag. Of course all of the hardware needed for your canopy installation fits in the pop up tent bag along with the frame, and the separate bag houses you vinyl top and accessories.


What quality am I getting?

The bags are made here in the U.S. as are the rest of our products. We strongly believe that you will not find a better bag available elsewhere, but at the same time we are constantly revising our bag and improving it whenever we could. We also have tips on how to make the best out of the bag and one of the ones we stress more than anything is making sure the canopy frame is nice and dry as well as the tent top. The canopy bag also makes it easy to carry any type of tent frame in it because you do not have to slide nor scrape the canopy frame on the floor because it has wheels. The bag also protects the tent from dirt and dust so it will (should) always look clean when you set it up, but what we believe to be one of the best benefits of a canopy bag is the fact that everything you need to install a canopy will be easily stored in an organized manner where you won't lose parts nor anything that belongs with the canopy. The bag allows you to carry everything in it without damaging it and when you're ready to put it all away, you can tuck it all into the bag and then put the bag away without having problems finding any of what is in it at all. The other beauty of the bag is it can be stored into a closet or garage without taking up too much space at all. The roller bag is a truly great tool and we stand by it 100%. Of course if you have any questions we would be glad to help you, just fill out our contact form or give us a call.