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What is a Custom Inflatable

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What is a Custom Inflatable?

     At Promotional Design Group, we focus on manufacturing three types of promotional products. The first two are mainly tents, pop up canopies and frame tents. Our third product is without a question a more unique one, inflatables. Our tents are straightforward items with general modifications. Our inflatables, on the other hand shine because they are all unique, with custom sizes and different shapes. They are malleable and can be crafted into just about any shape. Our lineup has many original designs that we call our "standard inflatables." Many of our clients use these as a base and add custom graphics that reflect their brand on the inflatable. We also manufacture them in the size of your choice. These customization options are very common in the inflatable industry, so what makes us different? We can also manufacture an inflatable from scratch! That is what sets us apart. We can replicate the shape of almost any item and create a large inflatable version of it with incredibly realistic graphics, details and shape.  

Complex Inflatable Shapes?

custom-inflatables-samuraiComplex inflatable shapes are at the pinnacle of what a custom inflatable is. They require a lot of work from our inflatable designers who will shape them from absolute scratch, source graphics to make them look realistic (or similar to the clients specifications) and of course, make sure they are safe to manufacture. While we have many bases and can build on top of previous designs, we tend to initiate new projects from the ground up to ensure the build quality is sound for that specific inflatable. Another interesting factor is the fact that some inflatables can be extremely huge and when they have complex shapes we need to account for specific how airflow will inflate the custom project and define its shape. The way we plan this ahead of time and ensure it is properly shaped, instead of bubbly and bloated, is that we have some of the most talented 3D modeling designers in the whole nation. They use state-of-the-art software to shape and form our inflatables, create patterns and procedures for our production team to manufacture. It is because of this that we are able to create highly detailed shapes with incredible appearance.

Where are the inflatables made?

We manufacture all of our products here in the states. We source or materials globally and build everything here in the states. Our facility is located in the outskirts of Los Angeles, approximately 10 minutes away from downtown in the industrial city of South El Monte. From this location we are able to ship anywhere in the world. 

What's so special about our inflatables?custom-inflatables-lays

Every one of our inflatables is a heavy duty promotional item. We use extremely durable materials to ensure they will last for years to come. This includes our print method which is unrivaled by conventional printing. We use a heavy duty material that works perfectly with our ink. Our digital print method is so successful that we are certain the print will not scratch, fade or peel from the material. As if that was not enough, we add a proprietary coating to protect every print. This coating further protects the print from fading, scratching and from U.V. exposure. Another factor that makes our work unique is that we have the capabilities to print large scale artwork to make our inflatables look as realistic as possible. Our biggest inflatables have had beautifully printed artwork that further complements the grand scale of our work. Overall, we focus on creating a long lasting product, made as close as possible to customer's specifications. 

How Can I purchase a Promotional Inflatable?

Our dedicated sales staff is ready to help you create the inflatable you and your team need. They will walk you through the order process while answering all of your questions. So, how do you get ahold of us? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We respond within the hour or less and if it's not office hours, we will contact you the following day with a full breakdown for the cost.