on April 04, 2018 Inflatable Information

Self Contained Inflatables

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Self Contained vs. Continuous Air Inflatables

How does a self contained inflatable differ from a continuous air inflatable? Well, it's very simple actually. A self contained inflatable is just about the same as every other type of inflatable, but it does not have the need for a blower to be constantly connected to it. It is very much like a pool inflatable which comes with a sealing cap to prevent air from escaping. A continuous air blower inflatable is always in need of a blower connected to it to keep it inflated. These inflatable units are very popular for indoor spaces where the sound of a blower needs to be avoided. For example, museums like to use these inflatables for exhibitions. They hang them from the ceiling and a harness system we attach to the unit. So, how is this achieved? How is a sealed inflatable able to keep its shape without constantly being filled with air? 

The bladder system


Every single one of our sealed/ self contained inflatables is equipped with a bladder system that is then covered with a printed layer to give it its final look. You can see it in the example above for Jupiter. When the bladder system is being manufactured it is not sewn together, rather it is welded with a radio frequency welder. 


This process will bond the multiple layers of the material together so as to form one giant "balloon".  This assembly method with join all the pieces of the bladder together in a way that doesn't leave any holes, but rather, completely seals the bladder system, hence, sealed inflatables. You can see the images above with all of the individual pieces of the bladder system layed out and the then assembled through R.F. welding.  

How is it inflated and how does it stay inflated?sealed-inflatable-valve

In order to inflate the entire unit you need to lay it out and extend it. Once it is extended all you need to do is get the blower system we provide and attach it to the sealing valve. This air valve is airtight and it will keep the inflatable firm for as long as possible. We have some inflatables here in our warehouse that were prototypes for energy drink cans and they have been inflated for over a year and still have not deflated. Of course, weather conditions might change how firm the inflatable can be. It's the same effect as ther weather affecting tire pressure on a cars wheels.

How can it be customized?Core-power-self-contained-inflatable-bottles-01

The design process for one of these inflatables is pretty much the same as every single other inflatable, but instead of one layer we attach a second on top of the bladder system. This second layer is printed with lively imagery to give the inflatable aesthetic appeal. For the most part we make bottle replicas, aluminum can replicas and planet replicas but we can manufacture any of our inflatables to be airtight. If you have a custom shape or size we can also incorporate it into the inflatable and create it. Just let us know what it is you are looking for and we will have our in-house designers work hand in hand with you. Our team of talented staff know every step of the process that goes into creating an inflatable and they work directly with our production department to ensure our every product is perfect. They truly take your vision and find a way to get it to be perfect when brought to life.

 Whenever we create self contained inflatables we like to double check every single one of them for quality control. We inspect every seam, graphic and bladder system to ensure a high quality product. Since we manufacture everything in Southern California we can ship it as soon as it is done. Manufacturing time is relatively quick since you do not have to wait for shipping from China which can take up to a month after manufacturing time. Need it even quicker? We can turn a project like this around in as little as a week and shipping takes about 3-5 days in the U.S. If you need a custom designed inflatable, then just feel free to let us know and we will get started A.S.A.P!