on April 19, 2016 Inflatable Case Study

Staples Center: Kobe Inflatable

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Custom inflatables display images or ideas that attract people to them because of their size. This specific countered inflatable is a 25′ inflatable with Kobe running and dribbling a ball, but it is mirrored to be seen on both sides. We make sure it is big enough for the crowd to see it from afar and for it to stand out at events. The printing that we did was also color matched for the Laker colors to be properly replicated and then we placed a U.V. coating all over the printed section to make sure it last long in its exposure to the sun. This inflatable helped the event because the entire day was to commemorate Kobe on his last game and everyone that came to the event was taking pictures with it and even the press came by to do interviews in front of the inflatable because it was a giant Kobe. It was literally the centerpiece of the whole event and everyone was revolving around it with their cell phones and cameras. People stopped by and took pictures with a "giant Kobe" since they didn't get to take pictures with the star himself. These large inflatables definitely attract a lot of attention and since the print is very realistic you can see a large amount of detail everywhere on it, even at far distances. Banners and other signage have a viewing distance (print effectiveness up to a certain range) and since this one is so big the viewing distance is over 300 feet. Small banners(3x5) have a viewing distance of 30' - 50' and anything past that can't really be discerned. Banners with high image resolution are better for close up (point of purchase) implementations because people will be so close to it that they would see a crystal clear image in their face, but they would not be that effective if the image is small and being viewed from afar. This Kobe inflatable takes more time to develop and think about than just printing his picture on a giant canvas and we are proud to be able to work on projects like this.