on April 06, 2016 Inflatable Case Study

Kelly Towles and "The Capitol" Inflatable

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Kelly-Towles-&-PDG-DesignerKelly Towles is an illustrator with great talent who designs characters as a vision of humans and how they deal with issues in the real world. These characters are usually full of color and they may look a little odd but they grow on you. Sometimes he takes his work off paper and applies it to a larger canvas ranging from murals to custom inflatables. We worked with our design & production teams and made one of his characters come to life in the form of a custom inflatable. Its name is "The Capitol" and he resembles the U.S. capitol building. It took us two weeks to conceptualize and manufacture. When Kelly saw the finalized product he was amazed at the accuracy in which it was made and we were happy to help. We love the opportunity to work closely with many different artist that have so many ideas that would challenge us and our teams. We have also made some art installations for Tim burton with some of our inflatables. He took them on a tour across Europe and held events with them hanging in museums and outside of buildings. The quality for an art installation has to be clean and the creation process itself has to be an art. We take great pride in developing our inflatables because we truly believe it to be an art that very few companies in the industry can master. Sometimes we manufacture inflatables the size of our building or even bigger (tall) and many think it is an easy process that is easily fixed with designing with good proportions, but there is a lot more to it than just scaling an object. Every single panel for the patterns has to be perfect. Every single printed panel has to be perfect. The material it is produced with has to be perfect. Even assembling it has to be perfect, or else the entire art project is no longer a true representation of what the artist had in mind. As you can guess we have really high standards for manufacturing our inflatables and our design process is just as meticulous. Kelly-sketch-&-inflatable