on March 19, 2019

Job Listing: Industrial Designer & Sculptor

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Promotional Design Concepts, Inc. (South El Monte, CA) needs Industrial Designer & Sculptor:

Starting and completing each complex inflatable design from start to finish. Creating rendering to customers that require custom shaped inflatables and tents. Revising rendering for both custom inflatables as well as custom designed tents. Creating and designing all complex custom shaped inflatables using a clay sculpture. Streamlining and modifying all Patterns for complex shaped inflatables. Doing digital print set ups for custom shaped inflatables. Approving all designs and artwork completed. Creating artwork using all design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Pattern Smith, CAD, ZBrush, 3D Max, Maya and Corel Draw for digital printing. 4 years’ experience in Pattern Smith/Autometrix, Maya Autodesk, Corel Draw, 3D Autodesk, Photoshop, and 4 years of knowledge in the field of custom shaped inflatable designing. Mail resume to Attn: HR Dept. 9872 Rush St., South El Monte, CA 91733 or Email: Sos@promotionaldesigngroup.com