on May 01, 2018 Inflatable Information

Halloween Inflatables

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25-foot-spider-on-buildingHow can I get a Halloween Inflatable?

With our extended line of halloween designs we have many different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. Our current inventory stocks just about all of the different halloween inflatables we have in our line up. If you are looking to go with an inexpensive option or if you are on a budget then renting is the way to go! Our inflatable rentals come with the inflatable, a ground tarp, the blower system it needs to be propped up and if you are within 30 miles, you get free installation. What about a customized halloween inflatable? Well, if you rent the inflatable, you can still customize it with an interchangeable banner. Your other option is to purchase one from us and we will help you decide what size, shape and how to place your logos or slogans on the inflatable. If you do decide to purchase one, we can change all of the colors to whatever you want them to be. You can also come to us with an idea of something we have never created before and we will work with you to make sure the inflatable looks the way you want it to. We have a full design team in-house and they will work together to make the inflatable from scratch! 

How do I use a Halloween inflatable?

These huge inflatables can be used for all sorts of events, gatherings and special occasions. Halloween decorations in general are really nice to see. Tombstones on yards, dusty cobwebs on trees and zombies here and there. What about larger decorations? Bigger buildings where small decorations are not an option can benefit from one of our giant inflatable decorations. You can have a giant scary spider invading your building or if you want something friendlier you can select one of our many different Jack O' Lanterns. In the Picture above you can see the spider on its spider web installed on our building  during a sunset and below you can see it during the day. Below on the right you can also see it installed at the Texas State History Museum. It was used for an exhibition and it wasn't even halloween, but it worked for them! You can also use them for your business, to promote a sale or even just to show some holiday spirit. inflatable-spider-in-different-settingsChoose from a our vast inventory

With over 200 Halloween inflatables alone, we are sure that within out rentals inventory you are bound to find the right inflatable for you and your team. We have the most common sizes and styles available for rentals and if you are looking for a custom project, we can manufacture it just for you. While we have aim to cover as many inflatable styles as possible in our inflatable rentals inventory, we know that there will always be new ideas and new styles, which is why we are constantly developing, updating and sorting through new ideas. Many of the custom projects we manufacture are limited to one, making them unique projects! 

different-jack-o-lantern-pumpkinsWhat sizes are we available?

We manufacture many different inflatable sizes! On the smaller end of the scale, we manufacture 5 foot inflatables. Although 5 foot is the smallest size we will make, we have made smaller 3 foot inflatable systems under special requests. On the larger end of the sizes we offer, we have been able to manufacture a 75 foot wide by 60 foot tall inflatable cranberry. As a matter of fact, our current ambitious project is creating a giant inflatable lobster that will cover an entire building! The giant lobster will measure about 75 feet by 50 feet! All in all, we have a size for everyone, just provide us with the details and we will help you sift through our many different inflatable sizes!

What is the turnaround time for a halloween inflatable?

Most of our inflatables have a 2-3 week turnaround time which will vary depending on the inflatable size, customization and complexity of the project. Give us a call and we will work with you to get it delivered to your door as soon as you need it. Do you have an event coming up in a hurry! We can manufacture these projects fairly quickly! Even if it is needed in as little as a week! Of course, rushed projects might incur rush fees, but it can be done! Just send us an email or give us a call, we're always ready to help!