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Pop up tent packages are a set of predetermined pop up tent layouts that allow you to customize the layout of your choice however you want. You can also go ahead and add items to these packages to further customize your custom pop up tent. If the layout you are looking for is not available you can still customize a canopy with less printed sections to fit your needs. Every one of these packages gives you a great value for the sections that are printed on the customized canopy because doing an a-la-carte order can definitely take more time since there is no set amount of printed sections on the canopy so deciding what stays and what goes can be a little more time consuming but also very fun during the creation process. These package layouts are tried and true and they are the most common layouts our previous customers liked that our production team noticed were recurring during the production process. We had the idea to make it easier to identify what it is you were looking for by giving you package options to choose from. We carefully thought out how our customers use their pop up canopies and when we finished these packages we were excited to see where they would take us.Silver-Package

Each one of the pop up canopies is customized through collaboration with our design team. The result is a canopy that is no question about it the strongest pop up tent available on the planet with a great design. Every time someone wants a branded tent we find out if they have proper artwork for us to use in our production process, if not we can go ahead and help you digitize your logo, brand, or ideas. A heavy duty pop up tent will allow you to take your brand with you anywhere you go and it will help you stand out like never before. On all of the printed sections you can print an unlimited amount of colors or images and place as many logos as you want, as long as it looks good!


Mercury Package

There are 5 different packages and they all come with our best pop up canopy frame but if it seems like it is not good enough for your needs we do offer bigger and better frames. These frames come with the best warranty available anywhere and the tent itself comes with a great warranty as well. They are meant to last a long time and you can take them to any kind of environment without worrying about it scratching, fading, breaking, or snapping. They are made with multiple types of materials from which you can choose from for your promotional tent to be printed on and assembled from.


When your package is done we can ship it to any location in the United States for you to attend or host an event with your new tent. We also love the tents we make and when we see one being used we get excited, so send us pictures and we will definitely make use of them!