Marketing With Coca Cola

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 12, 2017 4:22:33 PM

     Coca Cola is known for none other than their world-famous fizzy Cola. They are also known for their famous Christmas themed polar bear commercials where some penguins share a cola with some polar bears. Or maybe you remember the one where the polar bears are skating on ice and one of them slips in a playful manner and santa gives the polar bear a coke as he laughs at him for falling in a silly way. Fun Fact: Did you know that 94% of the population on Earth can see the Coca Cola logo and instantly recognize it and know who they are and what they do by just looking at the logo. That's a lot of people; 6,840,000,000 to give you an idea. How insane is that! 

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Outdoor Misting Tent System

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Apr 11, 2017 8:45:16 AM

Summer is around the corner! Sunny days filled with barbecues, events, and lots of beach days. The only drawback is that you might live in an area where temperatures can reach 120° Fahrenheit or even more. We provide outdoor solutions for those sunny days that just become unbearably hot. You can rent, buy or even plan to customize a misting tent from scratch with us. Our tents are incredibly heavy duty and they can withstand heavy usage year round in just about any weather conditions. Of course, there are safety precautions that we ask you to take so that there are no major issues with the tents flying away or collapsing in high winds and other uncontrollable circumstances. Inflatable misting stations are the most common misting units we manufacture since our customers find them to be very easy to use, although we do offer multiple other types of misting tents.

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Tents for Events

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Nov 10, 2016 3:43:44 PM

Event tents are commonly thought to be high peak tents and canopies but it ranges to many other types of tents as well. An event tent can be a tent for a wedding, a comic convention, or a sports event at any high school. Everyone in southern California has seen a big red tent events or an under the tent special sale at local car dealerships. Local high schools host soccer, football, or baseball games and they take custom canopies with them with their team logo or mascot. Local fire, police and county departments also have a canopy with them at local events to set up their headquarters at nearby city activities. There are many other examples of event tents being used in other locations but first lets talk about the types of event tents.

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