What is the Bronze Canopy Package?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 21, 2017 12:24:04 PM

Early 2014 we started toying with the idea that maybe we could create pop up canopy packages for our tents. Packages enable you, the end user, to customize a tent while saving 10% off your purchase. It also simplifies our vast array of options and provides you with a tried and true design. We noticed that certain amount of orders in our production queue were fairly similar in layout and design and it got to the point where we started taking note of how people ordered our canopies and we basically took the most popular layouts and applied a 10% discount to them. It makes things easier for everyone this way. The package is our simplest but don't let it fool you with how simple it is because it is an extremely heavy duty tent that is meant to last for a long time. The bronze package is now one of our best selling packages and it has been now for three years. 

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Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 6, 2017 6:57:02 PM

Safety Checkpoints for Anime Expo

Anime Expo is the largest anime convention in the entire U.S. Not only that, but it just so happens to be growing year over year and it is even starting to rival Comic-Con. Last year Comic-Con had 130,000 attendees and this year Anime Expo had 115,000 attendees and the numbers are expected to grow. With so many people attending safety concerns are important to keep in mind because safety is AXs' number one priority.

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Marketing Products for Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 6, 2017 4:11:38 PM

One of the fastest growing markets in the United States is the ever-expanding Marijuana industry. Most people in the U.S. associate it with drugs and negative spaces but in reality it is much more than that. Products like hemp granola, ropes and all sorts of other products can be manufactured out of hemp and if the market expands then there will be even more items to find uses for/create marijuana products out of. According to an article from Forbes the market is supposed to generate more jobs than manufacturing by the year 2020. Many people are calling it the “green-rush” because everyone that can is trying to enter the market in search of possibilities to make money. Of course, in a saturated market it pays off for you to stand out because you no longer look like everyone else, but it has to be done right. There are all sorts of marijuana businesses ranging from marijuana dispensaries to medicine research or smoke shops. Any promotional product that is going to represent your company/business has to be crafted to perfection or else it can backfire and make your brand look bad. We truly believe that. We are dedicated to creating the best promotional products any person has ever seen so we manufacture everything with great care and attention to detail.

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How to Practice Canopy Tent Safety

Posted by Promotional Design Group on May 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Canopy tents are not dangerous. They alone are not hazardous, rather it is mishandling and inadequate use that could involve them in dangerous situations.  Their first and foremost purpose of a canopy is to provide shade from the sun exposure in general to the elements. That is what a canopy does. Second, if it is a printed canopy, it helps you with branding and outdoor marketing so you can expose your brand in public while looking like a legitimate organization. And Finally, a canopy tent is a portable kiosk that represents your company anywhere you go. All of this is possible because the canopy is a compact (for what it does) promotional product that can be taken just about anywhere and withstand almost any environment. It is a pretty straightforward promotional item, but we do have some safety tips and tricks to avoid unsafe practices. 

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Which Canopy Tent Do I Buy?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Apr 10, 2017 3:23:44 PM

Custom canopies are our best selling promotional products and thats because of how effective they are at taking outdoor marketing campaigns to the next level. Whether you are installing it out in the sun, rain, or even snow (light snow, we do not recommend unsafe situations like blizzards) custom canopies represent you anywhere you go. With a custom canopy you can place as much printing as you find necessary all over the canopy top and if you are unsure what the best way to go about it is then let us know since we have in-house designers that make the magic happen as long as you provide the artwork.

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Event Tent Accessories

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Aug 17, 2016 1:10:31 AM

Pop up tents are one of the easiest promotional products to install, remove and relocate because of their lightweight frames and easy to use tent tops. These canopies are also easy to transport and they allow you to take your organization's theme anywhere you go. If your next event is at the beach, in a office, outside a storefront, in a farmer’s market, or in a convention these canopies can be a great tool to have your team headquarters for everyone around to see. These canopies are all custom printed with company logos, branded graphics, or large images that have incredible detail.

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Promotional Products

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jun 24, 2016 8:22:09 AM

Promotional Design Group has produced promotional products for over 32 years with the best materials and techniques possible. These promotional product are great for marketing both indoors and outdoors while helping you developing brand awareness because you take your brand with you. We print on every one of our products with the best possible digital printing available that allows you to use and abuse them without having to worry about damage to any one of them because they are all heavy duty products. These products range from promotional canopies, tents, and inflatables as well as a great deal of other marketing products. Promoting a product, idea, or a company brand identity is not an easy process and we strongly believe that any custom promotional product can be a great aid in marketing campaigns.

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Pop Up Canopy Tent Packages

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jun 13, 2016 2:30:43 PM

Pop up tent packages are a set of predetermined pop up tent layouts that allow you to customize the layout of your choice however you want. You can also go ahead and add items to these packages to further customize your custom pop up tent. If the layout you are looking for is not available you can still customize a canopy with less printed sections to fit your needs. Every one of these packages gives you a great value for the sections that are printed on the customized canopy because doing an a-la-carte order can definitely take more time since there is no set amount of printed sections on the canopy so deciding what stays and what goes can be a little more time consuming but also very fun during the creation process.

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Dew Tour L.A.

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Nov 21, 2015 5:53:03 PM

Dew tour is just a fun event all around, where talent doesn’t go unrecognized. Everyone there has something to bring to the event to make it better and Acton was no exception. They had an awesome pop up canopy setup with a lot of custom branding and promotional products to aid their outdoor marketing campaign. They showed up to the event with some skates from the future and they had everyone wanting to try them out and see how they worked. We worked with them hand in hand to make sure the canopy was what they were looking for. They chose to to go with a customized bronze canopy package that comes with a fully printed tent top and a heavy duty pop up frame. The tent top was printed with their logo as the centerpiece and subtle hints of their styling as the background. In the end the entire tent top looked great and it definitely had more of a presence than the other canopies there because it was a nice bright red that you could see from across the street. It looked elegant with the material being nice and tight and the print was beautiful and bright.

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