What is the Titanium Package?

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Aug 10, 2017 3:47:17 PM


What is the Titanium package? The Titanium Package is one of our most versatile packages because of all of the accessories it comes with. It is a flashy pop up tent package that has the most printing we could possibly add to a 10x10 canopy without it looking cluttered or messy. It is one of the most inclusive packages that has some of the most useful accessories you could add on a pop up canopy. This package, as with all of our packages, offers unlimited printing on all of the sections included. The unlimited printing included in the package does not add an extra cost to the entirety of the package because it is included in the final price. The package is composed of an extremely heavy duty canopy frame, a fully printed tent top, a fully printed(single sided) back wall, two side skirts, a fully printed table cover, and a set of four corner flags. This package also includes a Rhino roller hard case that you can use to transport your canopy frame with ease. The whole thing can be stored into a small amount of space in a matter of minutes and assembly is just as easy. At first it might take you 10+ minutes to completely install the whole package but after your first installation it will only get easier and easier. With this package you have many options at your disposal everywhere you go because you can choose to have some items installed or excluded on the canopy according to the event you might be attending with it. Regardless of where you take the Titanium Package it is definitely outstanding and when you customize it with your own personalized printing it takes personalized branding to a whole new level. 

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Marketing Products for Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jul 6, 2017 4:11:38 PM

One of the fastest growing markets in the United States is the ever-expanding Marijuana industry. Most people in the U.S. associate it with drugs and negative spaces but in reality it is much more than that. Products like hemp granola, ropes and all sorts of other products can be manufactured out of hemp and if the market expands then there will be even more items to find uses for/create marijuana products out of. According to an article from Forbes the market is supposed to generate more jobs than manufacturing by the year 2020. Many people are calling it the “green-rush” because everyone that can is trying to enter the market in search of possibilities to make money. Of course, in a saturated market it pays off for you to stand out because you no longer look like everyone else, but it has to be done right. There are all sorts of marijuana businesses ranging from marijuana dispensaries to medicine research or smoke shops. Any promotional product that is going to represent your company/business has to be crafted to perfection or else it can backfire and make your brand look bad. We truly believe that. We are dedicated to creating the best promotional products any person has ever seen so we manufacture everything with great care and attention to detail.

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How to Practice Canopy Tent Safety

Posted by Promotional Design Group on May 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Canopy tents are not dangerous. They alone are not hazardous, rather it is mishandling and inadequate use that could involve them in dangerous situations.  Their first and foremost purpose of a canopy is to provide shade from the sun exposure in general to the elements. That is what a canopy does. Second, if it is a printed canopy, it helps you with branding and outdoor marketing so you can expose your brand in public while looking like a legitimate organization. And Finally, a canopy tent is a portable kiosk that represents your company anywhere you go. All of this is possible because the canopy is a compact (for what it does) promotional product that can be taken just about anywhere and withstand almost any environment. It is a pretty straightforward promotional item, but we do have some safety tips and tricks to avoid unsafe practices. 

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Tents for Events

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Nov 10, 2016 3:43:44 PM

Event tents are commonly thought to be high peak tents and canopies but it ranges to many other types of tents as well. An event tent can be a tent for a wedding, a comic convention, or a sports event at any high school. Everyone in southern California has seen a big red tent events or an under the tent special sale at local car dealerships. Local high schools host soccer, football, or baseball games and they take custom canopies with them with their team logo or mascot. Local fire, police and county departments also have a canopy with them at local events to set up their headquarters at nearby city activities. There are many other examples of event tents being used in other locations but first lets talk about the types of event tents.

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