LED Canopy Lights

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Apr 10, 2017 1:49:17 PM

LED Canopy lights are incredibly great little tools to illuminate your pop up canopy. They are heavy duty and provide your canopy with 400 lumens while taking very little effort to set up. Night time canopy set ups are not that common, but what they all have in common is a need for lighting and the canopy lights are an easy way to fix that. They are lightweight and easy to transport and even easier to install. They include a rechargeable battery that allows the light to last a full eight hours on high before it needs recharging again. What you get in the box is a charger for each and every light and the light itself.

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Event Tent Accessories

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Aug 17, 2016 1:10:31 AM

Pop up tents are one of the easiest promotional products to install, remove and relocate because of their lightweight frames and easy to use tent tops. These canopies are also easy to transport and they allow you to take your organization's theme anywhere you go. If your next event is at the beach, in a office, outside a storefront, in a farmer’s market, or in a convention these canopies can be a great tool to have your team headquarters for everyone around to see. These canopies are all custom printed with company logos, branded graphics, or large images that have incredible detail.

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