How to use a Rhino Roller Hard Case

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Apr 6, 2017 2:55:08 PM

The Rhino Roller Hard Case is a proprietary designed product that we developed in 2012 to safeguard your canopy and tent top from the elements. We understand that a personalized canopy could be quite expensive if you choose to go all out on printing and what not and that it is important to protect it from rough handling. The RRHC is a lightweight heavy duty case with an internal foam lining that will protect the canopy frame from impacts and potential damage but at the same time giving you the option to transport it easily

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Doritos Interactive Marketing Products

Posted by Promotional Design Group on Jun 21, 2016 11:08:37 AM

We are constantly working with creative individuals of all sorts and sometimes they bring ideas that are a little out there, but making it happen is our specialty. We create a large portion of the promotional products you see at events and in this case we collaborated with Doritos on an array of different products. Our manufacturing facility is unique because we also house our designers here and they are involved in every step of the production process making sure what they create comes to life in the most perfect manner possible. We designed, printed, coated, cut, and sewed every one of the inflatables, costumes and props and we loved it because it was different and it was a challenge.

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